Connecticut Attorney CLE hour credits

Connecticut attorneys are required to complete 12 CLE hours every year. As part of the 12 hour requirement, you must complete 2 hours of Legal Ethics and/or Professionalism.


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How Lawyer Intuitions Prolong Litigation

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Safety in Numbers? Deciding When DNA Alone is Enough to Convict

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The Workplace and Alcohol Problem Prevention

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The Movement for Open Access Law

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Three Models of Legal Ethics

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The Law of Implicit Bias

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Lawyers and Confidentiality

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Here are the steps to complete a course:

  1. Purchase the course
  2. You will receive an email with your student account information and an emailed receipt. The Receipt page will also have a link to your “My Courses” page so that you can start your course immediately. Use the link in the email that was sent if you want to return to take your course at a later time.
  3. Complete the course. Once you have completed the course you will be able to immediately download and print your course certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many CLE hours are required?
Twelve (12) CLE units every year. As part of the 12 unit requirement, Connecticut attorneys must complete 2 hours of Legal Ethics and/or Professionalism. An individual may carry over two (2) hours of credit from the prior year.

When is my education due?
Education is due by December 31st of each calendar year. There is no grace period for MCLE course completions. They must be done by the end of the calendar year.

Can I carry hours forward to the next year?
Yes, you can carry over two (2) credit hours from the prior year.

How are CLE credits reported to the state bar?
Attorneys must self-report to The State Bar of Connecticut. The State Bar of Connecticut is advising that attorneys keep track of their hours by keeping a log identifying and describing the course, the date and time course was completed, and a copy of the syllabus. A certificate of completion from the provider is enough for reporting hours as well. Attorneys must maintain records to prove compliance in case of an audit. The State Bar of Connecticut does provide a document on their website to keep track of credit hours. Information regarding tracking and CLE requirements are available at this link:

Does CLE Academy report my CLE hours completed?
CLE Academy does keep track of your credit hours, but we do NOT report your compliance to The State Bar of Connecticut. While sponsors are required to retain attendance records, sponsors may NOT file compliance information on behalf of an individual attorney.

What are the rules regarding Self-Study Hours?
Self-study qualifies for credit when material that is studied is prepared by the provider and it covers all the necessary and required course material. Self-study includes, but is not limited to, view of or listening to videos, DVDs, audiotapes, or CDs or online courses.

Are there limits to the amount of self-study hours I may take?
No, there is no limit to how many self-study hours can be taken in a renewal period.

Is CLE Academy an approved provider in the state of Connecticut?
The State Bar of Connecticut does not have a formal approval process for MCLE courses. However, The State Bar of Connecticut automatically approves MCLE courses approved in another jurisdiction. CLE Academy is an approved provider in California. Therefore, CLE Academy is automatically approved to provide MCLE courses in Connecticut.